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Guild members and offensive character names

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I don’t like rude, immature, offensive character names. When I’m just a regular player, I see these names and largely ignore them. In nearly a decade of playing World of Warcraft, I’ve seen hundreds of these offensive names and only reported two.

The first was because it was so purposefully and unashamedly offensive and incredibly sexist.

The second was because the guy was same-faction griefing me while on a quest in the Burning Crusade. I asked him to stop a few times, he wouldn’t, he had a dumb offensive name and so I mentioned that in my report, then added him to friends. Sure enough he very quickly no longer had said offensive name. (I have a real problem with same faction griefing).

Aside from that, I ignore them. If someone wants to run around with a stupid name, that’s their decision.

When it’s a member of my guild, though, that’s when I have a problem with it. I’ve had my own level 25 guild for most of this expansion and not really done anything with it. I’ve housed my own characters and my friend’s characters and everyone has come and gone as they’ve pleased – no problems. I’ve just recently started thinking about doing more with this guild – like maybe establishing a flex team to run on weekends. Which of course involves recruiting some more people and putting us out there under the public eye.

I logged on yesterday and someone had invited a low level with a stupid, offensive (and sexist) name. I thought they were a random player, and I booted them. Because I hated the name, and because I have other women and also some kids that are either in the guild, or can read guild chat at various times. Further because if I do run a flex team, I want to attract like minded players – people who are somewhat mature, who won’t cause drama, who just want to make a few friends and kill a few bosses each week. No stress, no fuss.

As it turns out, unfortunately this guy was the friend of a long-term member. He told me the name isn’t meant to be offensive, it’s just a joke. We talked about it for quite a while, and I repeated myself a lot. In the end, I didn’t invite the guy back. I felt bad about it, because he’s a member’s friend, and I still feel a bit uncomfortable about it, but I stuck to it.

Possibly the first time in this little casual guild I’ve ever had to put my GM hat on. I’m curious, though, do other GMs/Officers take issue with offensive character names, or do you just let them slide?


One thought on “Guild members and offensive character names

  1. I always kick offensively named players from my guild. Additionally, I try to get as many people as possible to report the name. Once, it only took 2 name reports and Blizzard kicked the player out of the game and forced them to change their name.

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