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ArcheAge: My Own Personal WoW Destroyer

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So many games have come and gone over the years, entering the fray as a bright new competitor for World of Warcraft – maybe even the slayer of WoW – and silently accepted their handful of players after the dust settles and the majority of their interested new playerbase flocks back to WoW.

Some didn’t even make it that far, and closed their servers for good.

I’ve tried most of them over the past decade. Lured in by promises, shiny stuff, and just sometimes feeling like a break. All paths have eventually led me back to WoW. Most other games barely held my interest for even a few days.

They probably weren’t bad games. More that they weren’t enough to drag me away from the shiny, perfected package that WoW has become. Because for all its faults, all the things we complain about, overall the package is very much polished. It’s a complete experience. There are endless hours worth of things to do.

For most of Mists of Pandaria, I’ve been the only one of my friends who has stayed subscribed the entire time, and actively playing to boot. I’ve pugged my way to a respectable RBG rating, I entered Flex difficulty, I went back and got a ton of achievements I wanted. I levelled some alts.

It would be dishonest to say my playtime didn’t dip at all, though. Mists (and specifically the SoO patch) has felt like it has been going forever. A lot of my “in game” time was spent alt tabbed reading or watching stuff.

It was just before headstart weekend that Mr PJ called me and mentioned a new game he’d found. He said he’d played it for a few levels and gotten to a certain quest and said to himself, “I need to stop playing this right now, because PJ is going to love this.”

He told me a bit of info about it, not that either of us knew much about it at that point. It was a Korean MMO called Archeage that Trion planned to release for an English speaking playerbase. It was about a week before headstart, and once I got home from my trip, we logged on and played. And played.

And played.

When open beta drew to a close, we logged off kind of sadly. We knew we had a few days to wait before headstart launched. Hell, we were that excited we even bought the most expensive “starter’s” pack each.

Headstart rolled around – finally! – and we even took some time off work to play. We’re still playing religiously.

I haven’t had anywhere near this level of dedication in any MMO except WoW… Well, ever, actually. This is nearing on vanilla WoW levels of interest and fun.

AA has PvP, dungeons, crafting (OMG so much crafting!), costumes, sailing, building, driving, farming…

That’s where I’ve been. So busy and having so much fun in AA I’ve been doing very little else in my spare time. I’ve logged into WoW maybe once a week since I started playing, mostly to say hi to people (who are starting to return with WoD coming out soon) and check on guild stuff.

I’ll flood this blog with AA stuff shortly, because it’s just too much fun not to (finally) talk about!

It’s started already – my new header image is a female Firran (my chosen gender and race) from AA!



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