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The State of the Shaman.

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The state of the Shaman class this expansion has been… Well, pretty disappointing. I did pretty well while levelling up to 100, with a mix of raid gear and new WoD questing/dungeon gear, but the minute I hit 100 and started queueing for level cap content, the party kind of ended.

I’m not really one to complain much about balance or my class anymore. I haven’t really been into that since probably Burning Crusade. Partly because I just love playing Enhance so much, but partly because I’ve realised a vast majority of complaining isn’t constructive or isn’t fair. Everybody wants their class to be #1.

That said, the current state of the Shaman is definitely disappointing. It was acknowledged, and we received a minor buff of 20% to two abilities.

Then not so long after, we received a nerf to Maelstrom Weapon.

This was the point that I really started having a problem with not only the spec, but the way Blizzard decided to handle it. When you acknowledge a spec – a whole class, in fact – is at the low end of damage output and needs tweaking, you don’t turn around and hand out a nerf. Even if that nerf needs to happen down the track, it’s just poor timing and terrible management to even consider doing it before fixing the problems the community has highlighted, and you have publicly acknowledged as being a concern.

A better and more obvious way to handle it would have been to simply note the nerf needed, tweak and balance the rest of the problems, and either do it all at once or fix the issues and then hand out the nerf.

It just seems obvious to me that the way they handled it is exactly what they should have not done.

  • Shamans need a bump, they’re on the low side at the moment.

This is the latest from Blizzard, so we’ll see. At the risk of sounding incredibly melodramatic, I don’t have a lot of enthusiasm for them or the game just at this moment.

That’s for a number of reasons, not just the Shaman thing. The Shaman thing will hopefully be fixed, after they finish bumbling around and further messing it up.

It’s been a rough launch for Warlords of Draenor. The garrison feature, a primary feature of the entire expansion, still isn’t even working properly and disconnects or inability to even access it are regular.

So, watch this space. I’ll be keeping my eye on what’s happening with my beloved class and no doubt rambling about it here.


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